A little about us

The ethos of Live Restaurant was conceived by French chef Rody Warot’s years of extensively travelling the world.

Rody spent many youthful summers in Worthing absorbing English language and culture, and many more in Brittany learning about the nature-based practices of the region, including fishing and vegetable growing. Following his eclectic upbringing, Rody spent long periods working in exotic locations; his wife is from Mauritius and his daughter was born in Scotland!

Having absorbed a wealth of international culture, Rody settled in Berkshire in 2006 and created chefconsultantexpert.com, providing consultancy services to tiny, little struggling businesses.

The company has grown into Live Restaurant – our recruitment focussed business pairing the best staff from across Europe with elite hotels and restaurants, bringing the spirit of Rody’s experiences from travelling to share skills, culture and excellent working practices across the hospitality industry.

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