How the Michelin Exchange Programme Family Can Benefit Your Elite Hotel or Restaurant

Participating in the traditional elite hospitality industry practice of providing opportunities for international apprentices to work and train in Michelin Star standard restaurants and hotels is a rich experience. The Michelin Exchange Programme is a platform for international cooperation which facilitates the sharing of culinary expertise and world-class hospitality industry standards.

The M.E.P. offers a fabulous way to staff your elite establishment, showcasing multicultural expertise to your guests who, in the great tradition of expert hospitality provision, will love to be catered for by young chefs, sommeliers and waiters from countries including Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy or even’s all part of the luxury dining experience!


The Benefits of the Michelin Exchange Programme:

  • The programme works in conjunction with the foremost culinary schools in Europe, offering you the chance to choose from the best international candidates available.
  • The M.E.P. has an extensive network of professional connections across the elite hospitality industry. It is a logical extension into the elite staffing area, of Live Restaurant’s previously existing industry-wide recruiters list.
  • We are not about simply ‘keeping up appearances’ – we are maintaining and developing the unique standards of excellence in European hospitality via the European Michelin Exchange Programme.
  • The M.E.P is extremely cost effective as only a small admin fee is paid by recruiters. This creates a very valuable communication channel between recruiters from different countries and promotes the exchange of expertise in culinary arts across cultures.
  • The Michelin Exchange Programme is all about supporting young talents in discovering new techniques, environments, cultures, produce and more importantly new people in different countries, allowing them to learn and adapt quicker than their counterparts.


We do the hard work for you

We appreciate that running a world-class hotel or restaurant is a daily challenge that takes every ounce of effort and concentration that a proprietor has available. We can take the strain of searching for the best apprentices to keep the life blood of new talent flowing into your establishment. Our young apprentices make excellent staff members as they are relatively new to the industry and absorb the expert knowledge you wish to impart like sponges. We will liaise with you and the apprentices to ensure smooth transitions and ease of communication as the apprenticeships progress.


Join the Michelin Exchange Programme

It is quick and simple to register on the Michelin Exchange Programme. Please click here to connect with us in our journey of facilitating the spread of elite culinary standards across Europe.


The Michelin Exchange Programme – Our Commitment to Our Candidates

Going abroad as a young apprentice for the very first time, or participating in and supporting the exchange of elite kitchen and front of house staff across Europe is an exciting challenge and a huge responsibility for all involved.

It is the perfect way to kick-start a young gourmand’s professional journey through life and can ensure that his or her career progresses along a path that encompasses the rarest and most refined levels of the European hospitality industry.

The M.E.P. is free to all apprentices to participate in, accommodation, food and training is provided. Apprentices must be paid at or above the local, applicable minimum wage during their employment.


What you will learn:

The objective of the programme is to advance the careers of young culinary professionals and allow them to experience exquisite foreign language environments and cultures – to ensure that they become the elite chef and front of house staff of the future by acquiring all the most enviable methods, practices and skills available from the traditions of top-flight gastronomic Europe.

This unique undertaking allows apprentices to go on to work and share their learned skills on the international stage with all the most appropriate and exact techniques at their fingertips. We only work with the best in the industry and follow the Relais & Châteaux five “C” motto: Caractère, Courtoisie, Calme, Charme et Cuisine.


Our commitment to you:

The safeguarding and support of our young apprentices as they travel and work abroad is our paramount concern; safeguarding is not only about careful administration and support with travel and accommodation, it is also about making sure apprentices receive appropriate training and induction courses and adequate supervision during their time abroad.  We take the responsibility of safeguarding our candidates very seriously and provide all our apprentices with the maximum support before, during and after the transition period. We have a 24 hour help line for that purpose: 0118 437 0272.

We offer peace of mind – the M.E.P. has been created for and is dedicated to this specific (elite) segment of the hospitality industry.

We insist that all our host employers offer fair wages, appropriate accommodation and on-duty meals.


Why join the Michelin Exchange Programme?

The Michelin Exchange Programme is not designed to re-invent the wheel of Michelin standard restaurant recruitment or replace culinary schools. It serves to multiply the possibilities for apprentices to go abroad in a safe environment and develop the high standards within which they have already trained. We provide a peak experience in elite restaurant work experience and ensure that young gourmands are well looked after during what may be their very first experience working abroad.

All participants in the Michelin Exchange Programme must be committed to absolute excellence in culinary arts. Travel costs and travel and medical insurance costs plus pocket money allowance must be met by the apprentice.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is developing the chefs and front of house staff of the future by allowing them to train without any preconceived idea of what is right or wrong; learning from a diversity of cultures offers our apprentices the opportunity to take the best from each culture in developing their own skills. 

The chance to work in elite culinary environments around Europe, to sample diverse produce and learn from some of the best chefs in the world is truly a spectacular opportunity and one not to be missed. If you feel that you have the passion and the background to apply to be one of our apprentices, or an establishment that can offer the right training for an elite apprentice, please contact us today.


Not yet an apprentice in an elite environment?

The Michelin Exchange Programme differs totally from the services provided by our sister company which supports candidates looking to enter or progress through the hospitality industry, but who are not already climbing the ladder of the elite sector. Please click here if this service would be of use to you, includes job listings and a free CV template, as well as many other resources to help you on your way to finding the right employment within the hospitality sector.


The Michelin Exchange Programme – How it works

1: Apprentices can register here on the Michelin Exchange Programme, please take great care to provide all details accurately and in full. Participating current employers and host employers must also register on the M.E.P, click here to receive the M.E.P. form.  Apprentice, current employer and host employer need to be registered on the M.E.P. for arrangements for an apprenticeship to be made. All apprentices must be between 16 and 21 years of age.

2: Once registered, apprentices and their current employers will receive a list of potential roles and host employers will receive a list of available candidates.

3: We will then automatically contact all involved to help organize placement and arrival abroad, and to answer your questions.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is a unique programme – it is the first of its kind in the world. Participation in the Michelin Exchange Programme involves four parties:

  • Us – the Michelin Exchange Programme agency.
  • Apprentices.
  • Current employers
  • Host employers.

To be eligible, male or female apprentices aged under 21 from any European country must be currently enrolled in a training program provided by a culinary school anywhere in Europe, and have obtained an initial apprenticeship at a Michelin star rated or Relais & Châteaux  member establishment.   We can then facilitate connections between candidates and elite hotels and restaurants across Europe to allow apprentices to travel and further their training.


Why have we created the Michelin Exchange Programme? 

We have provided the M.E.P as a programme free to candidates as part of our existing ethical business model. We have an appetite to put something back into the community for the young and an unswerving ambition to support the development of culinary standards in Europe – especially in the UK.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is not designed for privileged people, but for everyone who demonstrates the right principles and dedication to elite hospitality standards. The M.E.P. is designed to maintain, preserve and build upon the rich heritage and traditions of gourmet cuisine and elite front of house service practice. We invest in young gourmands at the roots and ensure that they are shown the diverse, exclusive practices of the world’s top hospitality venues. Apprentices must gain experience and train in the right places to really master the finest traditions – this is why the M.E.P offers such an irreplaceable learning experience.


Our standards

We are dealing with exclusive boutique hotels and restaurants with exemplary requirements where the “Fleur de Lys” Royal flower is often in evidence, denoting the calibre, tradition and heritage of the establishment. We require from our candidates respect for tradition and the desire to preserve the priceless heritage and values that extend not only from the kitchen to the dining room but throughout these kinds of world-class establishments – from beautiful gardens and manicured lawns, to exquisite flower arrangements and historic tapestries lining the walls reflecting historical inheritance to the little perfecting touches that make for truly exceptional service, this is what is required to offer the level of luxury expected.  We involve our young gourmands in these traditions to teach them their ancestral heritage.

If this is the level of ambition, drive and dedication that you or your establishment has to offer, we look forward to working with you and helping you develop your business or career within the European Michelin Exchange Programme.


Recruitment for Elite Sections of the Hospitality Industry

Recruitment for elite establishments in the hospitality industry is a vital business element which can derail your strategy if not handled professionally. At Live Restaurant we compare it to driving a car without insurance – it’s irresponsible to not take recruitment seriously as your staff allow your business to sink or swim. If you are looking for ways to take the pain out of Michelin restaurant recruitment and maximise your chances of obtaining the right staff, you are in the right place.

Signing up with ‘The Michelin Book’ at Live Restaurant removes the stressful elements from the recruitment process. Simply click here for the best elite hospitality recruitment service available and start receiving the most suitable candidate profiles to fill your vacancies.

Unless you are a major international corporation who can spend millions on advertising, it will be impossible for you to thoroughly search Europe to find your ideal candidates. Simply crossing your fingers and seeing who you can reach will not suffice. With our extensive database, we can find you the ideal exact match for your requirements with very little effort on your behalf.

Be sure not to pay more for less – we will not supply you with staff on any other basis than suitability and skill. We do not believe in nepotism or favouritism – just the best staff for the best price to support the reputation of the elite hospitality industry.

Best restaurant recruitment practice is an individual art as each elite hospitality establishment has particular needs and preferences. By using the Live Restaurant ‘Michelin Book’ system, you can be sure to receive all of the most suitable candidate profiles and CV’s to exactly suit the role you are advertising.

At Live Restaurant we supply elite hospitality staff to hotels and restaurants all over Europe, but we have a special interest in Michelin restaurant recruitment here in the UK. This is because we feel that the current situation can be improved upon vastly: Great Britain and Ireland has only four 3 Michelin star restaurants! With France and Japan jointly leading the Michelin field at twenty-seven 3 star restaurants each in 2013, we feel that UK restaurants must to start to bridge the gap and that we can help to achieve this by assisting establishments with elite hospitality recruitment.

In the words of our founder Rody Warot, “We have always had a plan to heat up the simmering pot of the future of gastronomy in Great Britain and we are developing it right here!”

All of our ‘Michelin Book’ candidates have been vetted by Live Restaurant. Our reputation depends on supplying you with the best restaurant recruitment options – people that can uphold your reputation, so we make sure that we get the top people available for Michelin restaurant recruitment to you. (If you are looking for staff for sections of the hospitality industry outside of the elite sector, we also have a wide range of people available through our sister company

Serving the elite hospitality recruitment needs of the Michelin sector of the hospitality industry is our passion at Live Restaurant – you can rely on us as the experts in our field.

If you are a candidate, click here to register with us and begin your journey to finding your ideal job – but be prepared to travel around Europe to work in the prestigious restaurants that we supply! There are also candidate support services on our site, such as our free CV shop, advice and tips on how to be successful at interviews, travelling tips and help with administration issues. All our roles come with accommodation or help with accommodation provided, so you will always have somewhere to stay on arrival at your job.

Best of luck to both employers and candidates! We all have a joint mission to exemplify standards in gastronomy; let’s continue to build upon our world-class record as a luxury, expert industry of quality and sophistication.

How to Find Your Elite Hospitality Staff.

If you are the proprietor of a Michelin Star-rated restaurant, staffing your establishment with people that can maintain and build upon your reputation for excellence is of paramount importance. The best elite hospitality staff members can be hard to come by and often need to be sourced from across Europe to be placed at top restaurants.

Candidates of an appropriate skill and experience level to qualify as excellent Michelin restaurant staff can be sourced through Live Restaurant. Live Restaurant is a chef and front of house agency particularly specialising in elite hospitality staff from around Europe. The advantages of using Live Restaurant to source elite hospitality staff include:

  • Save time – allow us to use our extensive database to quickly identify the most suitable profiles from the widest possible range of candidates.
  • Save searching – we have everything you need to find the best hospitality staff in one place and can search on your behalf 24 hours a day.
  • Start receiving the most suitable profiles directly to your inbox in a timely manner. Once you have signed up with us we will get back to you promptly with an estimate of how long it will take to fulfil your requirements.


It is quick and simple to use the Live Restaurant method to find your Michelin restaurant staff. You simply need to sign up with ‘The Michelin Book’, our service that provides you with CV’s and profiles of the most suitable candidates for your roles. Once you have signed up with us, we take it from there.

When searching for the best hospitality staff to work in your establishment, we appreciate that you have very specific criteria to fulfil. We understand that it may have taken many years and a great deal of effort to build your establishment’s superior standing and that this is of immeasurable value to you, in terms of your reputation, your turnover and your relationship with your customers. We understand that your elite hospitality staff members are responsible for upholding your establishment’s reputation on a day-to-day basis, and must be of the best calibre available to match the quality of your product.

Every great restaurateur knows that a great Michelin restaurant requires staff of an appropriate skill-level to keep or gain further stars. Sourcing the best hospitality staff through Live Restaurant takes the stress out of fulfilling this non-negotiable need.

Michelin restaurant staff must have a very specific skill set and the ability to work in demanding environments. The reputation of our industry as a whole is very close to our hearts at Live Restaurant but we also have a particular mission to help to grow the number of Michelin restaurants in the UK. The candidates that we supply are procured to uphold Michelin standards and to help fulfil this important mission.


How to Find Work in a Michelin Star Restaurant

Many people dream of a way to find work in a Michelin restaurant. Although the work is notoriously demanding and the hours can be long, the prestige and international reputation of the elite hospitality industry attracts large numbers of people wanting to work in the teams that earn the precious Michelin stars.

A candidate looking to find a restaurant job that offers the ultimate way to express their passion for cooking and learning about diverse ingredients will be at home when at work in a Michelin restaurant. And with Michelin restaurants all over the world, the opportunities for those with the right skills and experience are exciting and extensive.

When searching for a European restaurant job, narrowing down the many hospitality opportunities available across the industry to find work in Michelin restaurants is difficult. Using the facilities offered by Live Restaurant can be extremely helpful and is a great way to give your search the best chance of success.

Live Restaurant utilises ‘The Michelin Book’, our CV database of elite hospitality industry employees, to connect candidates with the best European restaurant jobs. If you are looking to work in a Michelin restaurant, you can request to join ‘The Michelin Book’. To do this you will need to register with us.

When trying to find a restaurant job it is important to carefully consider what it is that you are looking for and what you have to offer. Pursuing a career in elite European restaurants is likely to require that you travel and live far away from home, so willingness to travel is a must! If you are someone who already has experience of working in elite restaurants around Europe and beyond you will know that the ability to adapt to new surroundings and work with people from different backgrounds is paramount. One of the great advantages of this kind of work is sharing languages, skills and culture, produce and professional techniques from across the globe.

If you are new to working in the elite hospitality industry, developing a broad and dynamic range of skills can make the difference between missing out on the best opportunities and finding the best possible role. Knowledge of ingredients and techniques and the ability to work on different stations are a must in the kitchen. If you are front of house there is, of course, a whole different set of skills to learn. Adding language skills and the social skills to adapt to different environments to your skill base will separate the excellent from the merely good and give your career the best possible foundation for success.

We will scrutinise your CV and references as well as our client’s criteria to come up with the perfect match for your talents. We can help you to strategically manage the steps of your career to make sure that you are travelling in the right direction; in these circumstances a European restaurant job is a dream opportunity. Finding a job in a Michelin restaurant can be tough so make sure that you use the best facilities available – Live Restaurant can transport you to your ideal destination!