Our Philosophy

People outside the hospitality industry never truly understand what our job and lifestyle is about at its essence: the grass roots, vineyards, vegetable gardens, animal farms, and the sea – all the essential elements of life gathered and combined on a table to share.

Another fundamental element of respect for Mother Nature embodied by the hospitality industry encompasses travel and the bringing together of diversity: people travelling to jobs in unfamiliar places, bringing and experiencing different cultures, produce and languages.

This is why working in hospitality is an enticing invitation, a real journey, an opportunity of pure pleasure and sensation to body, soul and taste buds …this is the experience that must be explored and understood to then be provided for customers. To make this journey totally enjoyable for all involved, we know that finding the right candidates to staff an elite establishment is a vital requirement that must not be misjudged.

Live Restaurant is a forum for excellence. We help employees in the hospitality industry to locate appropriate work across Europe, learning and sharing culture and languages as well as professional skills. The travel element so prevalent in hospitality work should enrich the industry, and at Live Restaurant we acknowledge and embrace it for the advantage and opportunity that it is.

We seek to enrich all areas of the industry; not just the elite side of the industry, dealt with here at Live Restaurant. The perfect example of this is our sister company Hozpitalityuk.com, which embraces the diverse requirements of the UK-wide hospitality industry at every level.

Hozpitalityuk.com clearly demonstrates our common sense approach; how we truly make sure that our services do not attempt to ‘control’ the industry, but to support it to best advantage for all. Our unique AdSlot concept allows recruiters to pay a small one-off fee to advertise their jobs for life and to access the CV Bank at no further charge.

The ways in which we are embracing the hospitality industry include challenging expensive practices of other, ubiquitous job boards whilst providing extra services for free for all candidates – for instance, our candidates can use our online free CV building service, instantly providing professional, printable CVs for job interview use.

We are passionate about working in the fight to put the UK back on the Michelin map. We have always had a plan to heat up the simmering pot of the future of gastronomy in Great Britain and we are developing it right here!

A vital element in that fight is great staff. Could a hotel or restaurant spend 24/7 scanning the UK, Europe and beyond to gather the best CVs and locate the most superior candidates? Let us do the work for you! We can help you to increase standards and profits and reduce costs by finding you the most suitable profiles.

At Live Restaurant we are always learning as it is essential to us to keep abreast of cutting edge developments in the industry, culinary fashions and new technologies. We are proud autodidacts – we learnt about the whole industry on the ground through broad experience and now we offer the benefits of that experience to small or struggling establishments through our consultancy service. We know that every step in building up your business has to be strategically managed so that you have the perfect recipe for success. Please get in touch if you feel that some support could be valuable to you.

As we are privileged to operate in elite environments at Live Restaurant, we also work in conjunction with charities to try to put bread on the table for the very deprived. We believe in sharing what we have to offer in every way we can, both within the industry and beyond.

All our practices link up in a circle: respect for nature, respect for each other, respect for our industry – as autodidacts, we examine the world for ourselves and make our choices as per experience and conscience, never anything dictated or imposed by others. This is the ethos that we bring to Live Restaurant.