Sponsor Management Systems (SMS)

Sponsor Management Systems (SMS) are designed to accomplish effective management of migrant workers, and students.

If you are a UK employer who has recruited non-EEA nationals for your workforce through a Tier 2 or 5 visa, or an education provider welcoming a student with a Tier 4 visa, you need an S...

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Sponsor License for UK Companies

New Rules - Obligatory Sponsor Licences for UK

With a new points-based system (PBS) coming into effect from 1st January 2021, sponsor licences for UK companies will become a new reality.

Once regulations are in place, if you are unable to recruit suitable workers from the resident workf...

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HR Systems to comply with UKVI Protocols

Securing a sponsor licence in the UK gives you the freedom to recruit EU and non-EU citizens for your dynamic workforce.

At the same time, you can expect UKVI to carry out unannounced, surprise audits of your HR systems to ensure that your company abides by legal migrant worker protocols.

Audit Compon...

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AUDIT - Sponsor License in UK and Complying with UKVI Protocols

You want to expand your workforce by hiring employees from across the world. After all, a diverse team can add a creative flair to your projects.

We understand how a diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage. However, we wouldn’t want you to throw caution to the wind and recruit someone you ca...

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UK Sponsorship and Compliance

If you want to recruit EU and non-EU nationals for your workplace, The UK immigration laws require adherence to strict sponsorship and compliance protocols.

You must prove that you can provide genuine employment to your recruits and have appropriate migrant worker monitoring and regulation strategies...

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UK Tier 2 visa 

What Can Skilled Workers Expect When Applying for Tier 2 Visas Now?

If you are looking to hire employees who are not UK citizens, it's time to understand the British work permit.

The new points-based system reframes the criteria your recruits need to meet when applying for a Tier 2...

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Sole Representative Visa

Suppose you are employed with a company outside the UK and are tasked with setting up its commercial presence in Britain. In that case, you can visit the country through a representative of overseas business visa.

As the sole representative of your company, when you embark upon your journey to t...

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Settlement Visa for EU Citizens

Freedom of Movement will effectively end on 31st December 2020. In the aftermath of this change, EU nationals and their families who wish to remain in England after 30th June 2021 must apply for settled or pre-settled status before this date.

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Naturalisation occurs when an individual legally changes their nationality. In the case of UK citizenship, the eligibility criteria for this process include the fact that you are:

  1. Over 18 years of age
  2. Settled in the UK for at least 12 months, through permanent settlement such as indefinite leave ...
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Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)

If your business thrives beyond borders, your UK office might need some help from personnel employed elsewhere.

Company leaders often need to send existing employees to other parts of their business around the world for temporary assignments. In such a circumstance, many people feel that a business v...

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