Applying for your Sponsor licence

Rodolph Warot
31.10.20 05:24 PM Comment(s)

The steps - requires 4 documents

  1. Current employee structure and vacancies
  2. Assessing need and justification for non EU migrant workers
  3. Affirming right to work eligibility of all existing staff
  4. Extensive resident labour market testing (RLMT) processes
  5. Detailed evidence of attempts to recruit UK / EU nationals and settled workers, and evidence of lack of availability
  6. Creating and installing your HR system
  7. Submission of documents and covering explanation
  8. We can help you towards your HR system and RLMT processes by doing it for you and by providing your with our online client-portal to ensure all records are kept safe in case of inspection.

    See official Home Office guidance on Sponsor Licensing

    See official Home Office guidance on Sponsor Licensing document

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