Outsourcing an HR Professional to handle your recruitment will save you money!

Rodolph Warot
01.12.20 10:03 AM Comment(s)

How do we improve your recruitment and staff retention, your company image as a hirer, your standards and profits while reducing your costs?

‌I am Associate CIPD with an HR Diploma in 2018 and UK Employment law in 2020 (degree level) both accredited by CIPD. CIPD is the world most respected HR & LD accreditation and We:

  • Train on highly technical fully integrated and automated Operating System made of 35x apps including Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Applicant Tracking System software (ATS)
  • HR Systems to comply with UKVI Protocols via our client portal
  • Provide HR Services, Employment law compliance and new employee onboarding services.
  • Craft and publish your jobs specifications across x300 Job boards and able to provide you with extra HR support
  • Increase your staff retention & profit by providing you with filtered & critical talent in key roles
  • Conduct Online Face to face point based structured interviews
  • Supply multiple references + assessments and able test candidates via partners leading talent platforms
  • Maintain an active database of more than x5000 candidates
  • Provide you with your online portal to review our candidates - No more Emails!
  • Have 30 years of expertise with 13 years of recruitment combined with 17 years of successful services to the Hospitality industry
  • Are fully digital (e.g.), e-sign, e-invoice portal, e-payment via our gateway -all bank cards accepted at no extra cost to you
  • Our services operates in a 100% COVID-19 safe environment as we work virtually, with no office-street

Live Restaurant will make your recruitment legally compliant, represent your company culture and deliver pleasurable recruitment processes and experiences for all parties without delays.
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