How the Michelin Exchange Programme Family Can Benefit Your Elite Hotel or Restaurant

Participating in the traditional elite hospitality industry practice of providing opportunities for international apprentices to work and train in Michelin Star standard restaurants and hotels is a rich experience. The Michelin Exchange Programme is a platform for international cooperation which facilitates the sharing of culinary expertise and world-class hospitality industry standards.

The M.E.P. offers a fabulous way to staff your elite establishment, showcasing multicultural expertise to your guests who, in the great tradition of expert hospitality provision, will love to be catered for by young chefs, sommeliers and waiters from countries including Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy or even’s all part of the luxury dining experience!


The Benefits of the Michelin Exchange Programme:

  • The programme works in conjunction with the foremost culinary schools in Europe, offering you the chance to choose from the best international candidates available.
  • The M.E.P. has an extensive network of professional connections across the elite hospitality industry. It is a logical extension into the elite staffing area, of Live Restaurant’s previously existing industry-wide recruiters list.
  • We are not about simply ‘keeping up appearances’ – we are maintaining and developing the unique standards of excellence in European hospitality via the European Michelin Exchange Programme.
  • The M.E.P is extremely cost effective as only a small admin fee is paid by recruiters. This creates a very valuable communication channel between recruiters from different countries and promotes the exchange of expertise in culinary arts across cultures.
  • The Michelin Exchange Programme is all about supporting young talents in discovering new techniques, environments, cultures, produce and more importantly new people in different countries, allowing them to learn and adapt quicker than their counterparts.


We do the hard work for you

We appreciate that running a world-class hotel or restaurant is a daily challenge that takes every ounce of effort and concentration that a proprietor has available. We can take the strain of searching for the best apprentices to keep the life blood of new talent flowing into your establishment. Our young apprentices make excellent staff members as they are relatively new to the industry and absorb the expert knowledge you wish to impart like sponges. We will liaise with you and the apprentices to ensure smooth transitions and ease of communication as the apprenticeships progress.


Join the Michelin Exchange Programme

It is quick and simple to register on the Michelin Exchange Programme. Please click here to connect with us in our journey of facilitating the spread of elite culinary standards across Europe.