How to Find Work in a Michelin Star Restaurant

Many people dream of a way to find work in a Michelin restaurant. Although the work is notoriously demanding and the hours can be long, the prestige and international reputation of the elite hospitality industry attracts large numbers of people wanting to work in the teams that earn the precious Michelin stars.

A candidate looking to find a restaurant job that offers the ultimate way to express their passion for cooking and learning about diverse ingredients will be at home when at work in a Michelin restaurant. And with Michelin restaurants all over the world, the opportunities for those with the right skills and experience are exciting and extensive.

When searching for a European restaurant job, narrowing down the many hospitality opportunities available across the industry to find work in Michelin restaurants is difficult. Using the facilities offered by Live Restaurant can be extremely helpful and is a great way to give your search the best chance of success.

Live Restaurant utilises ‘The Michelin Book’, our CV database of elite hospitality industry employees, to connect candidates with the best European restaurant jobs. If you are looking to work in a Michelin restaurant, you can request to join ‘The Michelin Book’. To do this you will need to register with us.

When trying to find a restaurant job it is important to carefully consider what it is that you are looking for and what you have to offer. Pursuing a career in elite European restaurants is likely to require that you travel and live far away from home, so willingness to travel is a must! If you are someone who already has experience of working in elite restaurants around Europe and beyond you will know that the ability to adapt to new surroundings and work with people from different backgrounds is paramount. One of the great advantages of this kind of work is sharing languages, skills and culture, produce and professional techniques from across the globe.

If you are new to working in the elite hospitality industry, developing a broad and dynamic range of skills can make the difference between missing out on the best opportunities and finding the best possible role. Knowledge of ingredients and techniques and the ability to work on different stations are a must in the kitchen. If you are front of house there is, of course, a whole different set of skills to learn. Adding language skills and the social skills to adapt to different environments to your skill base will separate the excellent from the merely good and give your career the best possible foundation for success.

We will scrutinise your CV and references as well as our client’s criteria to come up with the perfect match for your talents. We can help you to strategically manage the steps of your career to make sure that you are travelling in the right direction; in these circumstances a European restaurant job is a dream opportunity. Finding a job in a Michelin restaurant can be tough so make sure that you use the best facilities available – Live Restaurant can transport you to your ideal destination!