Branding Management

Making the right impact to a targeted audience.

Live Restaurant Ltd was firstly developed to meet the needs of businesses operating in a notoriously challenging catering industry.

We work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their key challenges and needs – we can help you build awareness, engage target markets and influence behaviour.

We are able to develop a clear vision and strategy to deliver appropriate targeted solutions supported by a strong implementation framework to translate vision into reality.

Whether you’re starting up, looking to improve or hoping to turn around a failing business, we offer a range of services to suit.

We have helped numerous operators with Concepts, Recruitment, Projects, Market research, Branding and Re-branding, Website set-up, Creative writing, Photography, Digital visual content, Video editing, Commercial advert, Logos, Press release, Marketing, Advertising, Profitability, Openings and Private events.

Our experience with Restaurants, Hotels, B&Bs, Country Inns and Pubs will create revenue opportunities and increase profitability as well as demonstrate sound business improvement techniques.

Opening any restaurant is a daunting task and can be a risky proposition; each step must be strategically managed. How can we increase profits without jeopardising standards? Each operation has unique problems – this can be a tough business to succeed in at times.

We can carry out a full evaluation of your business and product. Once we have thorough understanding of you and your business, we will provide a proposal to correct difficulties.

Live Restaurant is also working hand in hand with cutting edge, energetic and vibrant sophisticated Experts to fulfil and to combine efforts in order to bring a team together on very special projects.

We can help you to improve standards, increase profits and reduce costs.

Simplicity is difficult because it requires nothing else than absolutely everything…Rodolph Warot.