Our Recruitment Process

Live Restaurant Ltd is tomorrow’s recruitment company in today’s market, whilst using the latest technology and the recruitment techniques of yesterday.

The Agency is a privately-owned Consultancy Limited Company that prides itself on the 5* service that it offers.

The Registrar of companies for England and Wales, hereby certifies that ‘Live Restaurant Ltd’ is this day incorporated under the companies act 2006 as private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.

Using a combination of the latest executive search software as well as a wealth of knowledge gained over many years, Live Restaurant Ltd has a unique ability to target the highest calibre of candidates, whether they are already known to our Agency or a new target. However great the challenge, we will always endeavour to find the very best candidates available for your needs. This is our promise and commitment to you and you will be assured of:

•A very carefully developed shortlist matching your candidate specification.

•Curriculum Vitae with an analysis of specific technical abilities, personality traits and references.

. Point based Face to face interviews

•An assurance of confidentiality and regular feedback throughout each assignment.

•Assistance in final selection and salary negotiation.

Preparation of the Job Brief

A detailed job brief is essential in order for us to help you to make an informed decision when selecting candidates. We will require the following information before commencing any assignment and in order to enable us to brief candidates properly:

•Relevant information on the property.

•Job description detailing key responsibilities and objectives.

•Information for us to prepare our Candidate Profile.

•Details on remuneration and benefits.

•Reason for vacancy.

•Prospects for growth within the company (details of any training and personal development programmes).

Recruitment Policy & Confidentiality

As a matter of policy, we establish the definite interest of a candidate prior to the submission of their papers. Maintaining the confidentiality of candidates remains of prime importance to us and no papers should be submitted to any third party without our prior approval.

Live Restaurant Ltd invests heavily in getting to know its candidates world-wide but in the event that we have not interviewed an individual in person, we would always make this clear.

Time Scale

As a general rule, we should be able to provide a shortlist of candidates within 3 weeks of any assignment being confirmed to us.

In order to move the recruitment process along as swiftly as possible, we appreciate prompt feedback. This also enables us to maintain the interest of candidates and is likely to assist in achieving a successful outcome for each assignment.

Fee, which is payable by employers is calculated as a percentage of the gross salary package in accordance with the following schedule:

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Invoicing & Guarantees

Fees will be invoiced in Sterling, US Dollars or Euro, at the date of a verbal or written offer and acceptance of the position.

A copy of the candidate’s contract of employment or other relevant agreement must be forwarded to LiveRestaurant LTD to comply with our industry regulator.