Recruitment for Elite Sections of the Hospitality Industry

Recruitment for elite establishments in the hospitality industry is a vital business element which can derail your strategy if not handled professionally. At Live Restaurant we compare it to driving a car without insurance – it’s irresponsible to not take recruitment seriously as your staff allow your business to sink or swim. If you are looking for ways to take the pain out of Michelin restaurant recruitment and maximise your chances of obtaining the right staff, you are in the right place.

Signing up with ‘The Michelin Book’ at Live Restaurant removes the stressful elements from the recruitment process. Simply click here for the best elite hospitality recruitment service available and start receiving the most suitable candidate profiles to fill your vacancies.

Unless you are a major international corporation who can spend millions on advertising, it will be impossible for you to thoroughly search Europe to find your ideal candidates. Simply crossing your fingers and seeing who you can reach will not suffice. With our extensive database, we can find you the ideal exact match for your requirements with very little effort on your behalf.

Be sure not to pay more for less – we will not supply you with staff on any other basis than suitability and skill. We do not believe in nepotism or favouritism – just the best staff for the best price to support the reputation of the elite hospitality industry.

Best restaurant recruitment practice is an individual art as each elite hospitality establishment has particular needs and preferences. By using the Live Restaurant ‘Michelin Book’ system, you can be sure to receive all of the most suitable candidate profiles and CV’s to exactly suit the role you are advertising.

At Live Restaurant we supply elite hospitality staff to hotels and restaurants all over Europe, but we have a special interest in Michelin restaurant recruitment here in the UK. This is because we feel that the current situation can be improved upon vastly: Great Britain and Ireland has only four 3 Michelin star restaurants! With France and Japan jointly leading the Michelin field at twenty-seven 3 star restaurants each in 2013, we feel that UK restaurants must to start to bridge the gap and that we can help to achieve this by assisting establishments with elite hospitality recruitment.

In the words of our founder Rody Warot, “We have always had a plan to heat up the simmering pot of the future of gastronomy in Great Britain and we are developing it right here!”

All of our ‘Michelin Book’ candidates have been vetted by Live Restaurant. Our reputation depends on supplying you with the best restaurant recruitment options – people that can uphold your reputation, so we make sure that we get the top people available for Michelin restaurant recruitment to you. (If you are looking for staff for sections of the hospitality industry outside of the elite sector, we also have a wide range of people available through our sister company

Serving the elite hospitality recruitment needs of the Michelin sector of the hospitality industry is our passion at Live Restaurant – you can rely on us as the experts in our field.

If you are a candidate, click here to register with us and begin your journey to finding your ideal job – but be prepared to travel around Europe to work in the prestigious restaurants that we supply! There are also candidate support services on our site, such as our free CV shop, advice and tips on how to be successful at interviews, travelling tips and help with administration issues. All our roles come with accommodation or help with accommodation provided, so you will always have somewhere to stay on arrival at your job.

Best of luck to both employers and candidates! We all have a joint mission to exemplify standards in gastronomy; let’s continue to build upon our world-class record as a luxury, expert industry of quality and sophistication.