The Michelin Exchange Programme – How it works

1: Apprentices can register here on the Michelin Exchange Programme, please take great care to provide all details accurately and in full. Participating current employers and host employers must also register on the M.E.P, click here to receive the M.E.P. form.  Apprentice, current employer and host employer need to be registered on the M.E.P. for arrangements for an apprenticeship to be made. All apprentices must be between 16 and 21 years of age.

2: Once registered, apprentices and their current employers will receive a list of potential roles and host employers will receive a list of available candidates.

3: We will then automatically contact all involved to help organize placement and arrival abroad, and to answer your questions.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is a unique programme – it is the first of its kind in the world. Participation in the Michelin Exchange Programme involves four parties:

  • Us – the Michelin Exchange Programme agency.
  • Apprentices.
  • Current employers
  • Host employers.

To be eligible, male or female apprentices aged under 21 from any European country must be currently enrolled in a training program provided by a culinary school anywhere in Europe, and have obtained an initial apprenticeship at a Michelin star rated or Relais & Châteaux  member establishment.   We can then facilitate connections between candidates and elite hotels and restaurants across Europe to allow apprentices to travel and further their training.


Why have we created the Michelin Exchange Programme? 

We have provided the M.E.P as a programme free to candidates as part of our existing ethical business model. We have an appetite to put something back into the community for the young and an unswerving ambition to support the development of culinary standards in Europe – especially in the UK.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is not designed for privileged people, but for everyone who demonstrates the right principles and dedication to elite hospitality standards. The M.E.P. is designed to maintain, preserve and build upon the rich heritage and traditions of gourmet cuisine and elite front of house service practice. We invest in young gourmands at the roots and ensure that they are shown the diverse, exclusive practices of the world’s top hospitality venues. Apprentices must gain experience and train in the right places to really master the finest traditions – this is why the M.E.P offers such an irreplaceable learning experience.


Our standards

We are dealing with exclusive boutique hotels and restaurants with exemplary requirements where the “Fleur de Lys” Royal flower is often in evidence, denoting the calibre, tradition and heritage of the establishment. We require from our candidates respect for tradition and the desire to preserve the priceless heritage and values that extend not only from the kitchen to the dining room but throughout these kinds of world-class establishments – from beautiful gardens and manicured lawns, to exquisite flower arrangements and historic tapestries lining the walls reflecting historical inheritance to the little perfecting touches that make for truly exceptional service, this is what is required to offer the level of luxury expected.  We involve our young gourmands in these traditions to teach them their ancestral heritage.

If this is the level of ambition, drive and dedication that you or your establishment has to offer, we look forward to working with you and helping you develop your business or career within the European Michelin Exchange Programme.