The Michelin Exchange Programme – Our Commitment to Our Candidates

Going abroad as a young apprentice for the very first time, or participating in and supporting the exchange of elite kitchen and front of house staff across Europe is an exciting challenge and a huge responsibility for all involved.

It is the perfect way to kick-start a young gourmand’s professional journey through life and can ensure that his or her career progresses along a path that encompasses the rarest and most refined levels of the European hospitality industry.

The M.E.P. is free to all apprentices to participate in, accommodation, food and training is provided. Apprentices must be paid at or above the local, applicable minimum wage during their employment.


What you will learn:

The objective of the programme is to advance the careers of young culinary professionals and allow them to experience exquisite foreign language environments and cultures – to ensure that they become the elite chef and front of house staff of the future by acquiring all the most enviable methods, practices and skills available from the traditions of top-flight gastronomic Europe.

This unique undertaking allows apprentices to go on to work and share their learned skills on the international stage with all the most appropriate and exact techniques at their fingertips. We only work with the best in the industry and follow the Relais & Châteaux five “C” motto: Caractère, Courtoisie, Calme, Charme et Cuisine.


Our commitment to you:

The safeguarding and support of our young apprentices as they travel and work abroad is our paramount concern; safeguarding is not only about careful administration and support with travel and accommodation, it is also about making sure apprentices receive appropriate training and induction courses and adequate supervision during their time abroad.  We take the responsibility of safeguarding our candidates very seriously and provide all our apprentices with the maximum support before, during and after the transition period. We have a 24 hour help line for that purpose: 0118 437 0272.

We offer peace of mind – the M.E.P. has been created for and is dedicated to this specific (elite) segment of the hospitality industry.

We insist that all our host employers offer fair wages, appropriate accommodation and on-duty meals.


Why join the Michelin Exchange Programme?

The Michelin Exchange Programme is not designed to re-invent the wheel of Michelin standard restaurant recruitment or replace culinary schools. It serves to multiply the possibilities for apprentices to go abroad in a safe environment and develop the high standards within which they have already trained. We provide a peak experience in elite restaurant work experience and ensure that young gourmands are well looked after during what may be their very first experience working abroad.

All participants in the Michelin Exchange Programme must be committed to absolute excellence in culinary arts. Travel costs and travel and medical insurance costs plus pocket money allowance must be met by the apprentice.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is developing the chefs and front of house staff of the future by allowing them to train without any preconceived idea of what is right or wrong; learning from a diversity of cultures offers our apprentices the opportunity to take the best from each culture in developing their own skills. 

The chance to work in elite culinary environments around Europe, to sample diverse produce and learn from some of the best chefs in the world is truly a spectacular opportunity and one not to be missed. If you feel that you have the passion and the background to apply to be one of our apprentices, or an establishment that can offer the right training for an elite apprentice, please contact us today.


Not yet an apprentice in an elite environment?

The Michelin Exchange Programme differs totally from the services provided by our sister company which supports candidates looking to enter or progress through the hospitality industry, but who are not already climbing the ladder of the elite sector. Please click here if this service would be of use to you, includes job listings and a free CV template, as well as many other resources to help you on your way to finding the right employment within the hospitality sector.